Company in Estonia

Estonian Online Casino and Sportsbook Licenses

Estonian Gambling Act allows operators with Estonian license
to provide gambling services to other countries citizens

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Key requirements

of Estonian Gambling Act and Estonian Gaming Tax Act are:

  1. Reasonable taxation system with online gaming tax of 5% on GGR (bets minus wins) applies and is due on monthly basis;

  2. Gaming server does not need to be located in Estonia;

  3. Minimum RTP of offered casino games is set at 80%, bonuses and jackpot games are freely allowed;

  4. Persons over 18 years of age are allowed to use sportsbook and persons over 21 years of age are allowed to play online casino;

  5. Mandatory identification of every player;

  6. Minimum share capital requirement of one million euros applicable for companies to be eligible to apply for online casino and sportsbook licenses.

Effective two layer licensing system

To act on online gambling field operator needs to obtain first Gambling Activity License(s), which are issued separately for sportsbook and online casino. Sportsbook Gambling Activity license covers all betting related activities and Online Casino Gambling Activity License is for all casino games including poker.

Gambling Activity License application and required accompanying documents are all about the general suitability and references of the operator, its shareholders, management board members, auditor, corporate structure, source of funds used and similar. Estonian Gambling Activity License is issued within four months after all the documents are submitted to the regulator and state fee paid.

State fees applicable for Estonian Gambling Activity License:

  • Estonian Online Casino Gambling Activity License 47 940 EUR

  • Estonian Sportsbook Activity License 31 960 EUR

Gambling Activity Licenses are issued for indefinite period.

Operating permit required

Gambling Activity License(s) alone does NOT grant to the operator right to offer online casino nor sportsbook services, for this purpose is needed Operating Permit(s), which must be applied in addition to the Gambling Activity License. Similarly to Gambling Activity Licenses there are two different Operating Permits – one for online casino and one for sportsbook.

Operating Permit application and required accompanying documents are focusing on gaming platform IT architecture, game suppliers certificates, player verification flow description, GDPR, terms and conditions, server location, mandatory limits, displayed time counter, multi operator self-exclusion list functionality, machine to machine interface based financial reporting to the regulator functioning and other similar tech related requirements. Operating Permit is issued within two months after all the documents are submitted to the regulator and state fee paid.

State fees applicable for Operating Permits

  • Estonian Online Casino Operating Permit 3200 EUR

  • Estonian Sportsbook Operating Permit 3200 EUR

Online Casino Operating permit is issued for period of five years and Sportsbook Operating Permit for period of 20 years.

Timeframe and costs

The formation of company, application for all relevant licenses and IT integrations can be under regular circumstances finalized during 7-9 months and is estimated to cost in the region of 125 000 – 150 000 euros including all state fees.