Foreign exchange company in Estonia

License issued by Estonian FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit)

Foreign exchange services means the exchanging of a valid currency against another valid currency by an undertaking in its economic or professional activities.

For this kind of activity, FIU issues a „Financial Institution Operating Licence“.

One of the main requirements is that each shareholder, board member and beneficial owner of the company must present a Certificate of the register of convictions of its country of origin, which certifies the absence of a penalty for an offence against the authority of the state or a money laundering offence or another wilfully committed criminal offence (not older than 3 months and certified with an apostille).

Have a professional support from KRM Advisor

Over the last years, we have successfully established tens of such companies with the FIU license, thus we have enough experience with that.

Please note that in the current situation nobody can guarantee opening a bank account for your foreign exchange company, however it is doable if you have some patience. As we all know there are many companies all around the world who operate in that area and have bank accounts. 

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