How to start an Estonian company remotely

(without visiting Estonia personally)

This article is additional information to
"How to start an Estonian company"


To become shareholder, management board member and corporate bank account user of an Estonian company one must send us 3 documents:

  1. Power of attorney (POA) for buying shares of the Estonian company and identifying itself in Swedbank (prepared by KRM Advisor)
  2. Petition for filing new management board members in commercial register (prepared by KRM Advisor)
  3. Passport copy

These documents must be certified by a notary and depending of what country notary you used these documents might need to be apostilled or legalised. Read more about remote transfer documents.

After we have received these documents originals we take care of translations and do next steps (takes usually ca 1 week):

  1. Transfer the share(s) of the company as agreed between us
  2. Change the company management board (changes will appear in register in 1 - 7 days)
  3. Identify you in Swedbank
  4. Register you as company bank account user(s) in Swedbank
  5. Receive PIN calculator for each user
  6. Send you PIN calculator by courier (takes 1-3 days)

In case you have ordered official corporate documents in English it takes usually ca week after filing before they are translated and can delivered to you.