Power of Attorney to KRM Agent OÜ

KRM Agent is a subsidiary company of KRM Advisor, created for the purpose of being a mediator (agent) between the client and the Estonian Commercial Register, Tax Office and other state authorities.

Issuing a certified Power of Attorney (POA) to KRM Agent allows us to represent the client with these authorities in the future. This way the client does not have to certify and apostille documents at the local notary everytime. This saves time, effort and money of our clients. In most cases, the client sends us (clear) instructions of future changes and the rest is done by us, on the basis of the POA.

We use the authority given to us only in case of the relevant request from the client.

The POA can be revoked and returned to the client at any moment.

KRM Agent OÜ operating licence nr. FIU000178  (Service provider of trust funds and companies)