Remote company in Estonia

register and manage your company remotely
(without visiting Estonia)

Definition of the problem

There are many business people in the world who would like to run their business via an Estonian company but because of different reasons they cannot go through all the formalities required to register company and open a current account.

Time factor

Often the process of registering a company and opening acurrent account might take one or several months which is often too long in today's busy business world.

Frustration factor

Even if everything is doable, it still might involve too much frustration for people from various countries. Legal requirements and practices in different jurisdictions might be so dissimilar that it becomes very frustrating to "solve the puzzle". 

Company with an account in 1 week

A remote company is a company which is under KRM Advisor's co-management. In other words - we take care of the company registration, account opening, accounting and other jobs by demand. That allows the client to focus on their business.

No need to visit Estonia

This solution is rather for people who reside far and visiting Estonia can be complicated. Registering a company and opening a current account can be done without your visit to Estonia.

KYC (Know Your Client) must be done

Registering a company usually takes 1-2 days, opening an account takes 1-3 days. Your right to manage the account are established usually in 1-2 days. However - for all tasks your co-operation is required. KYC procedures for account opening cannot be done without essential info which you are obliged to provide.