Documents prepared in USA

for remote transfer of Estonian company

Required documents

To transfer Estonian company shares and change the board membership remotely (without visiting Estonia), we need the following documents from you:

  1. Power of Attorney (POA), for the share transfer.
  2. Petition to the commercial register to file changes;

The sample PoA and Petition will be prepared and sent to you by our consultant.

How to notarize a document?

To notarize a document, the notary reviews your ID to verify your identity. You must sign the document in the presence of the notary. When looking for a notary, start with your bank as most banks employ notaries. You can also try the website

NB! Please remember that documents certified by an “electronic” notary are not accepted in Estonia.

How to get an apostille?

The Office of the Secretary of State for each state is empowered to place a stamp on documents notarized by a notary from their state for use in foreign countries. The website of the secretary of state is the best place to find information on the process, as it can vary somewhat from one state to the next. Typically, the applicant must fill out a form explaining what the document to be authenticated is, how it will be used and where it will be used. The applicant sends the form and the original document that requires the stamp and a fee to the secretary of state for processing. After a few days, the applicant receives their original document, complete with apostille stamp. They are then free to send the document to the foreign country.

Before sending us the documents please check that they are not damaged or disconnected. Typically when an apostille is applied all of the relevant individual sheets are fastened together with a metal grommet or similar. If so, they should not be separated.

Send documents to

When documents mentioned above are certified then please send them to:

KRM Advisor
Roosikrantsi 2-KRM
10119 Tallinn

Phone for courier: +372 60 77 777