Accounting documents required for annual report

Dormant company accounting

Company is considered dormant if during the fiscal year:

  1. No transactions happened on company’s bank account(s) or securities accounts
  2. No sales invoices issued
  3. No purchase invoices received
  4. No assets changes
  5. No liabilities changes

To prepare dormant company’s annual report we need your confirmation that the company did not have any transactions during the fiscal year.

In case something above is not "NO" then company’s annual report can't be prepared and submitted as dormant but active company (see beside).

Active company accounting

To prepare an annual report we must have the following information and documents (originals or copies)

  1. Short description of Company’s business (sales and purchases scheme)
  2. Company’s bank statements for full fiscal year (pdf and xls/csv files)
  3. All purchase invoices and receipts for full fiscal year
  4. All sales invoices and receipts for full fiscal year
  5. If some business transactions are not covered with sales or purchase invoices, then please provide other supporting documents (contracts etc.)*
  6. Loan contracts (if applicable)
  7. Purchase and sales contracts of real estate (if applicable)
  8. Investment portfolio statements (sales and purchases of whole year and market value of Dec 31) (if applicable)
  9. If Company owns shares of other Companies: Purchase and sales contracts of shares
  10. If company has subsidiaries (with ownership 50% or more), then the subsidiary’s annual report must be provided.

* Company is subject to income tax if no supporting documents are provided or expenses are not related to business.

Please note that the list may not be final, and we may need other statements or supporting documents.

Please also note that even if your company has not done any transactions the annual report must be submitted anyway.