Company with e-residency basic package

Assistance with company registration (1 person)

200 EUR €

Company registration state fee 190 EUR state fee

190 EUR €

Unique registration address, mailbox, mail forwarding

250 EUR €/year

Authorized contact person services

250 EUR €/year

Total (ex VAT)

890 EUR €

Step by step guide

  1. Fill in the ordering form below

  2. We send you an invoice to pay

  3. Pay service (and state) fee (wire or PayPal or card)

  4. We prepare the petition to register your company

  5. Log into the Company Registration Portal

  6. Sign the petition with your e-residency card and let us know when it's done

  7. We pay a 190 EUR state fee for the registration and then submit the petition

  8. If the name is accepted, the company should be registered latest in 24 hours

Share capital and bank account

The company will be registered without share capital contribution and a bank account. For a bank account opening you can apply later directly with your e-residency. In case of a negative answer, we can assist you in opening a bank account outside of Estonia (in some other EU country)


Additional services

VAT ID registration

Assistance with opening an account

As a rule it is not complicated to open Payment Service Provider account, which works excellent with SEPA payments. This info we share freely to our clients.

If you want to open bank account, we can assist you with several options depending of your needs.

Obtaining cryptocurrency and other licenses

  • Providers of a service of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency

  • Providers of a virtual currency wallet service

  • Foreign exchange services

Company registration documents - online service

Order easily certified and apostilled company documents with delivery to any point in the world

Online accounting services

We can set up online accounting system where it is easy for you to create invoice and be up to date with your books

Monthly basis accounting
A company with a VAT ID must submit tax returns on a monthly basis. It applies even if no transactions are done.

Yearly basis accounting
A company without a VAT ID and taxable costs (salaries, dividends, fringe benefit costs, etc.) has no obligation to submit any monthly tax returns.

Assistance with changing shareholders, board members or other registry data

As a rule, all changes in the registry data must be prepared in Estonian and in strict wording. 

Domiciliation services for having local presence in Estonia

  • Rent of real office working space

  • Rent of separate office room

  • Management services as second director of your company

  • registration

  • based email server setup

  • Estonian country based (mobile) phone number registration and SIM card

  • Basic professional webpage design

In case of technical problems you can get assistance from: Link to e-residency card technical support and help center