Nonprofit organization registration in Estonia

(nonprofit organization - in Estonian MitteTulundusÜhing - abbrevated - MTÜ)

General requirements

The main purpose of a NPO is not to earn an income from economic activity but it can be economically active, hold a (bank) account, enter into contracts and pay salaries.

The income of a NPO may be used only to achieve the goals specified in its articles of association. A NPO shall not distribute profits among its members (may not pay dividends).

The nonprofit organization (NPO) must have

  1. At least 2 members (natural or legal persons)
  2. At least one board member - only natural persons
  3. Registered address in Estonia

Required data and documents

  1. Name of the NPO
  2. The purpose (activity) of the NPO
  3. NPO's e-mail address
  4. Passport copies, addresses, e-mail addresses of all board members (directors)
  5. Passport copies, addresses and e-mail addresses of all members

If the members are legal persons (a company), then we need documented info - name, register number and address of the company

Registration process

As a rule we create the NPO and later transfer the membership and management board membership to final members and change the board members.

Registration process usually takes up to 1 week. Transfer of the NPO takes 1 day in case you visit Estonia and few weeks if it is done remotely (without visiting Estonia).

Filing changes in register takes maximum 1 week.

Accounting of the NPO

The management board organizes the accounting of NPO. Accounting is similar to the limited liability company (OÜ).