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Temporary Residence Permit for Estonia


3 main ways to get residence permit

1. Short term employment registration

Based on our experience, the easiest way to start with residence permits is to get a short term employment registration. Positive result can never be guaranteed, but you have more chances to get it if your company has already made real business during the previous 6 months.

The short-term employment registration is given for 365 days during 455 day period. 

In most cases we suggest to start with this option.

2. Residence permit for business

As a regular investor, if you have invested at least 65 000 EUR in a company or 16 000 EUR in a sole proprietor.

As a major investor based on a 1 million EUR direct investment in an Estonian company.

As a start-up on the basis of a previous evaluation from the expert committee. The committee is quite strict and gives quite a lot of refusals.

3. Residence permit for employment

It can be applied based on

- professional qualification (either as an employee or an expert)
- performing managerial functions (i.e. as a member of the board)

It is required that the company have conducted actual business activities in Estonia during the last 5 months and it is paying a salary which is at least equal to the recent average yearly wages in Estonia.


Short term employment registration 

General info

This is the easiest and fastest way to get a residence permit in Estonia. Short-term employment registration allows you to stay in Estonia for 365 days during 455 day period. 

General requirements for the short-term employment registration:

  • the company has been operating for the last 6 months and the applicant has the requisite qualifications, education, state of health, work experience and the necessary professional skills and knowledge to assume such position;

  • the employer is registered in Estonia;

  • the employer shall pay the alien remuneration in the amount of the annual average gross monthly salary in Estonia last published at the time of the application;

  • the alien is obligated to apply for a D-type visa after the grant of the short-term employment

Our consultants will assist you with the formation and submission of the application to the Police and Border Guard Board. We can also assist you in simple employment contract preparation and salary calculations. 


It takes usually a week or more to prepare the application and collect documents.
After submitting the application, the decision is given in 10 business days.


Preliminary consulting related to short term employment or TRP

300 EUR

Assistance with short term employment (for our company formation clients)

800 EUR

Assistance with short term employment (for new clients)

1100 EUR


Temporary residence permit for business (TRPB)

TRPB is issued for a maximum of 5 years and gives you three options for applying:

  1. Investing at least 65 000 EUR of capital in your Estonian company (company's equity capital, subordinated liability and registered fixed assets can be regarded as an investment). A business plan in Estonian or English is required to support the application. More than one applicant may invest into the same Estonian company (65 000 EUR each). In case of a sole proprietor, the minimum investment is 16 000 EUR.

  2. As a major investor – it requires a direct investment of at least 1 million EUR in an Estonian company or investment fund, that invests mostly into the Estonian economy. A business plan is not required.

  3. As a start-up – this option requires previous evaluation from the expert committee. The committee is quite strict and gives quite a lot of refusals. A business plan is not required.

As a rule, it is not easy nor beneficial for you to lock the above-mentioned sums in the business or go through the start-up evaluation process with 50/50 chance for a positive decision. Therefore, we suggest to start with the short term employment registration and later decide how to proceed with the TRPs.


Residence permit for employment

An alien may apply for a temporary residence permit (TRP) for employment with an employer registered in Estonia. This is perhaps the most practical way to get a TRP for third country nationals.

There are two main ways to apply for the TRP for employment without the consent of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund but by fulfilling the salary criteria:

1. as an expert, advisor or consultant, on the following conditions: 

  • the applicant has relevant professional qualification;

  • the Estonian company (employer) is paying at least the minimum required salary*  

2. for performing managerial or supervisory functions of a company registered in Estonia, on the following conditions:

  • the company must have been registered in Estonia and conducted actual business activities in Estonia for at least 5 months;

  • the Estonian company (employer) is paying at least the minimum required salary* 

* Minimum required salary is equal to the recent average yearly wages in Estonia, published by the Statistical Office of Estonia, which is currently 1295 EUR gross (published in March 2018).

In addition to the above, there are other grounds as well, on the basis of which you are allowed to apply for TRP for employment, e.g. based on the EU blue card, for scientific research, for working at a start-up, etc.

Please contact us in case you need more information on any of the above-mentioned options.  



 Good to know

TRP Quota
Each year the Estonian government issues a certain amount of TRPs in Estonia for third country nationals. The quota for TRPs is 0.1% of the whole population (ca 1320). Due to that, the TRP applications tend to run out by March-April each year. Thus, you have limited time to apply for a TRP in Estonia. The application for the next year is advised to be submitted in December-January

No guaranteed result
It is important to note that the decision for granting or refusal is made solely by the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, thus we cannot guarantee or influence the final result. The decision for the TRP is made within 2 months from the acceptance of the application. In case the authorities require any additional information or documents, the process can take longer. The short term employement registration process takes much less time.

Submitting application
The applicant must submit the application in person in a foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia. An alien who has a legal basis for staying in Estonia, may submit the application at the Service Office. When applying for a residence permit, fingerprints are captured from applicants.

Additional parameters
Fulfilling all formal requirements of a TRP is just one part of the process. Immigration authorities might also look at your personal background and professional skills, as well as your company activities and taxes paid by your company.

Validity of the TRP
TRPs are issued with the period of validity of up to 5 years. An alien is required to register the place of residence within one month from the date of arrival into Estonia on the basis of the residence permit. An alien is required to have a place of residence registered in Estonia during the whole period of validity of the residence permit.