Assignment abroad

Related expenses and daily allowance

 Daily allowance

Daily allowance for an assignment abroad is payable for the day of departure, if the means of transport heading to a foreign destination leaves at the latest at 09.00 p.m. Daily allowance for an assignment abroad is payable for the day of arrival, if the means of transport arrives after 03.00 a.m.

Accommodation expenses

The employee has the right to charge the employer for travel and accommodation expenses and other reasonable expenses associated with an assignment abroad (such as expenses connected with purchasing of travel tickets, travel insurance premiums, visa fees, luggage carriage, costs stemming from exchange rate differences, etc), and to receive a daily allowance in the amount of 32 EUR.

Documentary evidence

Any expenses connected with business travel shall be compensated on the basis of documents proving the expense.

Compensation for expenses

Compensation for expenses born in connection with business travel and daily allowance is paid by the employer on the basis of a written decision. The document constituting the basis for disbursement must state the business travel destination, the duration and the purpose of the assignment, the extent to which the expenses are compensated and the daily allowance payable.

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