E-residency requirements


Purpose of the e-residency

E-residency is a status by which non-residents can gain a secure digital identity (ID card) issued by Estonia. This enables them to use the services provided by Estonian state agencies and private sector connected usually to/ linked usually with the ID card.

E-residents are able to identify themselves digitally without being present in Estonia and sign all documents/contracts which otherwise would need physical face to face identification.

E-residency is not related to any kind of residency at all. It is purely identification tool in digital environmement.

E-residency is not a must

There is no obligation to obtain an e-residency card for establishing or managing your Estonian company. In case you have not so many things happening in Estonia you can easily manage without it as well.

Requirements to apply

To apply for an E-resident's digi-ID, there is a need to submit:

  1. a specific application form with a colored photo 40x50mm (the form is available here LINK);
  2. a motivational letter; 
  3. a copy of an identity document (in case the applicant is a citizen of one country and a resident of another country, it is recommended to submit the copy of resident card as well);
  4. a payment order certifying the transfer of 100 euros state fee;
  5. a copy of service or diplomatic card, in case the applicant is an employee of an external representation.

You will be assisted by us during the whole process related to the required documents and information. The application can be submitted via regular post, e-mail, or personally in Police and Border Guard Board service point or Estonian embassy. Application processing time is max 30 days. The card is issued personally to the applicant in an Estonian embassy or in Police and Border Guard Board service point. List of Estonian embassies can be seen here LINK