Estonian company registry documents

The essential Estonian company documents


available in Estonian and English for free

available in Estonian and in English for 2 EUR card payment

available only in Estonian for 2 EUR card payment


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In different countries there are several company documents that can be ordered from official registries. In Estonia all information concerning a company appears on a document called the registry card. This document confirms the good standing of the company, registry code, board members, etc. No other document is required to prove the legal capacity of the company and the representation rights of the board members. A registry card from the commercial register is marked with the issue date and time.

A registry card contains:

  1. the business name and registry code of the company;
  2. the registered office and address of the company;
  3. the monetary amount of the share capital of the company;
  4. information on shareholders (paid version);
  5. information on members of the management board and liquidators;
  6. information on procurators ;
  7. the date of approval of the articles of association of the company;
  8. the authority of the members of the management board and of the liquidators in representing the company;
  9. the date of amendment of the articles of association
  10. the beginning and end of the financial year;
  11. information on bankruptcy;
  12. the merger, division, transformation, dissolution or deletion of the company;
  13. information on the depositary of documents of a liquidated company.

Articles of association

This document regulates the internal relations of the company. It is accessible by public for a fee.