Remote transfer documents

Documents to be certified with an apostille

As a rule, to transfer the company shares and board membership remotely (without visiting Estonia), the client needs to sign 2 documents prepared by KRM Advisor consultant:

  1. Power of Attorney (POA), for share transfer

  2. Petition to commercial register to file the changes there or POA to KRM Agent for submitting the petition.

Both of these documents must be certified by the notary and then apostilled.

Read why to issue the POA: Link

Documents which do not need an apostill

Documents issued in:

  1. Belgium

  2. Ireland

  3. Italy

  4. France

  5. Denmark

  6. Russia

  7. Latvia

  8. Lithuania

  9. Ukraine

  10. Poland

are accepted in Estonia without an apostille and must be notarised only.

Documents, issued by countries that are not listed above and who are members of the Hague convention 5 October 1961 (CONVENTION ABOLISHING THE REQUIREMENT OF LEGALISATION FOR FOREIGN PUBLIC DOCUMENTS), must be apostilled to use them in Estonia.

Full legalisation

Documents issued by countries that are not members of that convention should be first legalised in the Foreign Ministry or Foreign Mission of the foreign country where the document has been issued, and thereafter in a Foreign Mission of the Republic of Estonia or in the consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia.

These documents must be either in English or in Russian. In case they are in Russian, all names mentioned there must be written also in Latin/Roman alphabet. It is allowed to have parallel text documents if local requirements demand presence of local language.

If it is not possible to sign these documents in English or Russian language then these documents must be later translated into English or Estonian language by a sworn translator or notary certified translation.

NB! It is important not to change the text of the documents as even small changes might make these documents incorrect for given purpose.

Send documents to

When documents mentioned above are certified then please send them to:

KRM Advisor
Roosikrantsi 2-KRM
10119 Tallinn

In case of corporate shareholder

If the shareholder will be legal person, then also POA from company must be issued.

We also need company registry card with company basic data (read more). Both these documents must be certified as mentioned above.