Residence permit for business in Estonia


Temporary residence permit (TRP) for business is issued for maximum of 5 years and gives you three options for applying:

1.         Investing at least 65 000 EUR of capital in your Estonian company (company`s equity capital, subordinated liability and registered fixed assets can be regarded as an investment). In this case the company should be operating for 5-6 months prior to applying for TRP and a business plan is required to support the application. Two applicants may invest into the same Estonian company (65 000 EUR each). 

2.         As a major investor – it requires a direct investment of at least 1 million EUR in an Estonian company or investment fund, that invests mostly into the Estonian company.

3.         As a start-up – this option requires previous evaluation from the Expert committee. Committee is quite strict and gives quite a lot of refusals.

In case of any of the following options, there is a need to prove why the applicants need to move to Estonia and be physically present in Estonia to do that specific work.

Granting or refusal of a TRP shall be decided within 2 months from the acceptance of the application. In case they require any additional information or documents, the process can take even longer.

The applicant must submit the application in person in a foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia. An alien who has a legal basis for staying in Estonia, may submit the application at the Service Office. By applying for a residence permit fingerprints are captured from applicants.