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Unique registration address + Authorized contact person

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Services and prices

Company registration package 500 EUR

  • Assistance with company registration
  • Unique legal address and virtual office services for 1 year
  • Authorized contact person services for 1 year

20% VAT will be added if applicable

State fee for registration 190 EUR

To avoid possible technical problems or time delay, we suggest to pay the state fee to us and we pay it during the company registration process.
20% VAT will be added if applicable

Step by step guide

  1. Fill in the ordering form
  2. Pay service (and state) fee (wire or PayPal or card)
  3. We prepare the petition to register your company
  4. Log into the Company Registration Portal
  5. Sign the petition with your e-residency card and let us know when it's done
  6. We pay a 190 EUR state fee for the registration and then submit the petition
  7. If the name is accepted, the company should be registered latest in 24 hours

Share capital and bank account

The company will be registered without share capital contribution and a bank account. For a bank account opening you can apply later directly with your e-residency. In case of a negative answer, we can assist you in opening a bank account outside of Estonia (in some other EU country)


Ordering form

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Payment method *
By PayPal and card payment an additional 5% fee applies
If there are more people involved, please write their names, ID codes and position (shareholder and/or board member + how big is the share)
If you already communicated with one of our consultants, then please let us know

Services you might need after company registration


1. VAT ID registration

VAT ID registration in Estonia is not a guaranteed process, but we help you to maximize the probability of a positive result.

2. Setting up an online accounting system and starting of accounting

You can start to issue invoices to your clients immediately and the accounting system keeps everything in order.

3. Company registration documents

  • Company registry card
  • Articles of Association
  • Tax residency certificate

We can provide you with all of these documents in English - either original/certified and/or with an apostille. Delivery of documents is done via regular post or via courier.

4. Registration of the share capital contribution (to delete notification about missing contributed share capital from the registry card)

It does not promote your company's publicity in the best way if the registry information states that the share capital payment is not done. We help you with the "face-lift". 

5. Assistance with opening a bank account

As a rule, banks do not welcome non-resident companies who have no clients, vendors or employees in Estonia. We can assist with opening an account in other EU banks. Refusals are rare.

6. Assistance with changing shareholders, board members or other registry data

As a rule, all changes in the registry data must be prepared in Estonian and in strict wording. 

7. Assistance with obtaining cryptocurrency licenses

  • Providers of a service of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency
  • Providers of a virtual currency wallet service

8. Accounting services

Monthly basis accounting
A company with a VAT ID must submit tax returns on a monthly basis. It applies even if no transactions are done.

Yearly basis accounting
A company without a VAT ID and taxable costs (salaries, dividends, fringe benefit costs, etc.) has no obligation to submit any monthly tax returns.

In case of technical problems you can get assistance from: Link to e-residency card technical support and help center