Why people use an Estonian company?

100% Europe - 0% income tax

Estonia has a reversed tax philosophy – the income of your company is not taxed. Only profit distribution is taxed. It makes an Estonian company an excellent tool for developing your business – you have more money to reinvest than in other EU countries. There is no need to “find“ costs to reduce your taxes – there is simply no income tax

Excellent framework for business in EU 

Estonia has succeeded in creating a favourable and transparent environment for business.

Advanced digital public services

Digital public services in Estonia are regarded as among the most advanced in the world. Many problems are solved just with few clicks in your computer… 

Low bureaucracy and clear rules

Estonia is a small state with clear rules. Openness and simplicity are the main keywords here.

Well-functioning banking system

Estonia launched Internet banking already in 1994. Since then internet banking in most Estonian banks has reached a very user-friendly level.

Low startup and maintenance costs

The cost to start and maintain an Estonian company is a fraction compared to many other EU countries.

No withholding tax if dividends paid

Profit distribution by an Estonian company is taxed only once. If profit has been taxed at the level of a subsidiary - no additional tax applied when the profit is distributed (further).

Easy exit

Let’s assume - that your company has profit on the bank account and you want to close it down and get the profit out.

There is a simple solution. We can buy your company. You get more money and a quick exit.